Fort Wayne Criminal Defense Attorneys

Facing criminal charges is not just unsettling and anxiety-producing for the person charged; it is for his or her family and loved ones as well. A criminal conviction can have such a major impact on the lives of those who love and depend on that person that securing a great defense is the only reasonable step.

Determined Criminal Defense Attorneys Fighting For You

At Arnold Terrill Anzini, P.C., our attorneys understand the impact criminal charges can have on our clients' lives and the lives of those who love them. We are dedicated to providing the skilled and experienced criminal defense representation that can help them secure an excellent resolution. Our attorneys have decades of combined experience that we rely on to help us craft defenses that are effective in protecting our clients' rights and futures.

We offer our effective representation to those who are facing various legal issues, including:

  • Criminal defense — Criminal charges can change the course of your life in an instant. You cannot afford to have anything less than the best defense of your rights if you are facing criminal charges.
  • Driver's license defense — Threats to your driving privileges need to be taken very seriously. It is difficult to overstate the challenges of taking care of the daily responsibilities most of us have without the ability to drive.
  • Juvenile defense — If your child has been charged with a crime, the quality of defense you secure for him or her can have a determinative impact on the rest of his or her life.
  • Traffic violations — Too few people consider defending themselves against traffic violations until it is too late and they are facing a suspension or determination as a habitual traffic violator (HTV). Fight now to preserve your driving privileges.

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If you are facing criminal charges, you need a defense that can protect your rights. The Fort Wayne, Indiana, criminal defense lawyers of Arnold Terrill Anzini, P.C., offer our clients the great defense they need. Call us at 260-918-6824, toll free at 800-459-2296 or contact us online. We don't charge a fee for a telephone consultation. Whether you hire us or another law firm, we want you to be well defended.

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