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Fort Wayne IN Criminal Law Blog

Several arrested for drug crimes in Indiana after investigation

An investigation can take years to complete and charges can come about even if individuals involved in that investigation are facing other charges or even serving time for other crimes. A recent multi-agency investigation has led to the arrest of seven people in Indiana for drug crimes. These people face a number of drug charges related to an investigation that has been on-going.

The investigation that led to the arrests lasted almost two years. The investigation involved officers buying drugs as they posed undercover. There were a number of agencies involved, including the county sheriff's department, state police, city police and also the prosecutor's office.

Man faces robbery charges in Indiana after investigation

A lengthy police investigation may put possible suspects on police radar and result in multiple charges against an individual. In Indiana, police had been monitoring an individual for some time before arresting the man. He now faces charges of robbery and is accused of being involved in two dozen robbery incidents across multiple towns in Indiana.

The 32-year-old was placed under arrest when an incident unfolded as police hqad the man under surveillance. The man was being watched by authorities as he was in an auto parts store. He was allegedly observed walking behind the counter of the establishment and stretching his arm out in a manner as to appear to have a weapon, then leaving the store.

Speeding incident leads to driving under the influence arrest

A speeding situation can lead to other criminal charges if officers on the scene suspect driving under influence has played a role in a traffic violation. Recently in Indiana, the police followed a man and pulled him over for speeding only to also arrest him on charges of driving under the influence. In Indiana, this charge is taken seriously and can lead to a wide range of possible penalties.

The incident began as police spotted a Mustang just after 1 a.m. According to the police officer involved, the car reached speeds of 100 miles per hour. The officer was able to pull the vehicle over at a red light.

Drug trafficking ring in Indiana broken up by authorities

In Indiana, authorities announced that they recently broke up a large scale drug trafficking ring. In fact, authorities dubbed the Indiana drug trafficking ring the largest they had seen in a long time, noting that it spanned more than one state. The investigation, which led to dozens of arrests, has been ongoing since 2013.

The drug investigation pinpointed a furniture store owner in Indianapolis who has been labeled the ringleader of the drug ring. The man is 46 years old. In total, the break-up of the ring resulted in 20 federal and 45 state arrests since the inception of the investigation. The drugs involved were reportedly transported from the southwest up to Indiana on a regular basis.

Police officer in Indiana convicted of drunk driving charge

There are certain career fields where coming to work under the influence or getting a DUI charge while employed can have a negative impact, regardless of the outcome of any criminal charges. Recently in Indiana, a police officer was suspected of being under the influence while on the job. That officer has since pleaded guilty to drunk driving charges.

The incident took place as the man showed up to work, and supervisors suspected there may have been an issue. Apparently, there was a nearly empty bottle of rum in the trunk of the patrol car. The police officer was also found to have a blood alcohol content of .21 percent, close to three times the legal limit.

Indiana traffic stop prompts suspicions of drug crimes

Whenever police pull over a vehicle, the officers may find they have cause to search a vehicle or ask a driver to perform certain tasks. If a driver refuses certain requests, an officer may then believe he or she has further cause to press charges that may be completely unrelated to the reason a driver was pulled over in the first place. Recently in Indiana, a man was pulled over for speeding and ended up being charged with drug crimes.

The incident occurred on a Sunday early in the evening when a police officer pulled the vehicle over for speeding. The officer reportedly smelled marijuana. That officer also believed the driver appeared to be impaired. The officer also reported the 25-year-old man didn't obey verbal commands during and after the vehicle was searched.

2 nurse practitioners charged with drug crimes in Indiana

When people think of drug cirmes, they may automatically picture a whole host of illegal substances and someone off the street selling or trafficking those drugs. However, anyone wrongfully obtaining or prescribing legal drugs may find themselves facing charges of drug crimes. A recent drug case making news in Indiana involves two nurse practitioners who are alleged to have been falsely prescribing weight lose medications.

One of the women is apparently the owner of a family health clinic. She allegedly called pharmacies and had her staff call pharmacies and place prescriptions using a doctor's credentials. That doctor did not work at the clinic. Well over , prescriptions were allegedly issued under that particular doctor's registration number in roughly a one year period of time. The pharmacies also made note of the high number of prescriptions for the weight loss drugs coming from the clinic.

Drunk driving arrest in Indiana impacts woman's cause

Any kind of arrest can impact a person's reputation, particularly since arrest records are in the public domain. Recently in Indiana, a woman was arrested for drunk driving. As a result of the arrest, she resigned from running a political operation that was centered on legalizing the sale of alcohol on Sundays in Indiana.

The 32-year-old woman was apparently driving home from a bar when an accident occurred. She ran her vehicle into a fast food restaurant in Indianapolis. The woman reportedly told police on the scene that she had consumed two beers at the bar. Despite her contention of having two drinks, authorities say that a Breathalyzer test indicated she had a blood alcohol content of .168 percent, which is more than twice the legal limit in Indiana.

Juvenile DUI cases in Indiana need to be taken seriously

Getting pulled over and arrested for drunk driving can be stressful, frightening and confusing. Anyone in Indiana who is facing a DUI needs to understand the law and possible consequences. This is particularly true of anyone who is a juvenile who is also facing a DUI charge.

The blood alcohol content (BAC) that can lead to a DUI charge is vastly lower for juveniles than that for adults. An adult can have a BAC of .08 percent. However, if a person is under 21, a BAC of  only .02 percent can lead to charges. One of the basic possible penalties a juvenile can face is the loss of a driver's license.

Indiana man accused of drug crimes after text

Electronic communication has changed the way law enforcement does its job and the way crimes are investigated and evidence gathered. One man in Indiana found out the downside of technology, particularly with regard to texting, when he is said to have sent a text message allegedly to the wrong person. The text resulted in the man being accused of drug crimes.

The 34-year-old man purportedly sent a text in error to an off-duty patrolman. Apparently, the officer didn't recognize the number but noted that the text seemed to be about drug activity. The patrolman responded to the text by arranging for a meeting with the sender.