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Several arrested for drug crimes in Indiana

Whenever police think there is a reason to search a residence, a search warrant may be issued and may lead to charges being filed based on what is allegedly found during the search. In Indiana recently, a search warrant and what was allegedly found led to charges being filed against a number of people. There are eight people facing charges related to drug crimes as a result of the warrant.

Police went to the residence to serve a search warrant on a Wednesday night. Once there, they allegedly found a large cache of heroin, three pounds worth, along with some cocaine. They also seized cash that totaled $100,000. The drugs seized were valued to be worth $250,000, according to authorities.

Indiana police officer arrested for drunk driving again

Any kind of arrest can have an impact on a person’s career. However, when a police officer is arrested and charged with a crime, the arrest may affect their career long before the case reaches any kind of resolution. A recent case of an Indiana police officer is making news after he was arrested for drunk driving again.

This current incident began on a Monday morning. The officer was in a police car at a drive-thru and turned on the lights and speakers when he saw friends in the establishment. A bystander called 911 to report the purportedly odd behavior. The officer reportedly admitted he had been drinking the night before and got hungry, so he went to the restaurant.

Indiana council member faces drunk driving charge

There are certain conditions that may make driving more difficult for some. Some of those conditions may include health problems, seeing at night or other issues that may it difficult to judge where one is or how one is driving. Recently in Indiana, a councilman was pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving but he insisted a medical condition made it difficult for him to comply with any field sobriety tests.

The 34-year-old councilman was observed driving the wrong way along a bypass, according to authorities. He was pursued by police and another officer came on the scene to stop traffic in the road until they could get the councilman to stop. When stopped, he supposedly said he had been drinking earlier in the day and the officer claimed to have smelled alcohol.

Indiana authorities accuse a number of drug crimes

Whenever there is a drug sweep that results in charges being filed against a number of people, further investigation may lead the authorities to file additional charges. In Indiana recently, well over a dozen people were arrested regarding allegations of drug crimes in Elkhart and St. Joseph counties. Subsequently, the authorities then filed more charges against a number of those people.

Twenty people were arrested initially.They were charged with selling a type of synthetic marijuana at a number of gas stations in both Indiana counties. Thereafter, eight of the people who were originally charged were accused of additional crimes in St. Joseph County.

Police officer faces drunk driving charge in Indiana

Whenever someone is found to be suspected of driving while under the influence, there may be serious consequences. Whenever that person is believed to be drunk driving while on the job or while operating a vehicle assigned to them for his or her job, the consequences can impact that person’s career also. Recently in Indiana, a police officer was accused of drunk driving when he showed up for his shift.

The 41-year-old policeman showed up for his shift an hour late and reportedly parked his car crooked in the parking spot. There were reports that he smelled of alcohol and showed other signs of intoxication. Those signs included slurred speech, a red face and glassy eyes. He said he had been drinking at one point but had stopped consuming alcohol 12 hours before his patrol shift was to start.

Indiana doctor pleaded guilty to drug crimes

Any kind of drug charges levied against a medical professional can have an impact on that professional’s ability to continue practicing medicine or any other job that requires they be trusted with controlled substances. Jail time alone can make it difficult for a medical profession to continue to work in medicine even after he or she is released. Recently, a doctor in Indiana pleaded guilty to drug charges. That doctor will now serve a few years in prison for the drug crimes to which he pleaded guilty.

Pharmacists in the area were the sources of concern, as they called authorities about prescriptions from the doctor. The doctor was found to be prescribing drugs after the Drug Enforcement Administration had suspended his license. The doctor was prescribing Dronabinol, Zutripro and Phenobarbitol.

Indiana police officer faces drunk driving charge

Police have a duty and obligation to uphold the law and protect and serve also. Sometimes, that may mean a police officer is forced to arrest another police officer. When a police officer is facing a criminal charge, they are held to the same standards as anyone else, but the charge can also impact their job and career potential. Recently, an Indiana police officer found himself under arrest and charged with drunk driving.

Reportedly, the officer was observed driving across the center line and erratically on a Sunday night. Another officer saw the behavior and pulled him over. The driver was then given a breath test. It is reported that the test results showed that the officer to be twice the legal limit for alcohol blood content.

Indiana middle school students face drug dealing offenses

Prescription drug use and dealing has become a leading problem across the country. While people may assume any kind of drug arrest involves an adult, there are drug arrests affecting juveniles also. A recent incident in Indiana has resulted in drug dealing offenses being charged against two middle school students.

The incident unfolded as a teacher observed a student behaving oddly and slurring his speech. Upon further investigation by the principal and a resource officer at the school, it was determined that the student was under the influence of drugs. The source was apparently prescription drugs, Xanax, that another student brought from home.

Husband faces drunk driving charge after Indiana accident

Whenever there is a passenger in a vehicle, it may be difficult to control the actions of said individual. However, if a passenger is injured or killed and the condition of a driver is believed to have played a role, that driver may face criminal charges related to what and how the incident occurred. Recently, an Indiana accident resulted in the death of a woman and the arrest of her husband for drunk driving charges.

The husband and wife were apparently arguing in their truck as the husband drove. At some point, the woman made the decision to try to jump from the moving vehicle. The vehicle was apparently moving slowly at the time she opened the door to jump. Regardless of the slow speed, she died from the incident as she ended up being run over by the back wheel.

Investigation leads to charges of drug crimes against group

Investigations into alleged drug rings can span across the country and also take a very long time to complete. One recent drug investigation led to the arrest on drug crimes of a number of individuals in Indiana. The investigation was called "Operation Family Ties," and it went on for a period of a year.

It began as informants tipped off police, as did calls from inside a jail. The police kept track of the communications of the man they dubbed the leader of the drug ring. Police put a GPS on his vehicles to keep track of his movements in addition to tracking his phone calls. He and 10 others now face federal drug crimes.

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