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Fort Wayne IN Criminal Law Blog

Investigation leads to charges of drug crimes against group

Investigations into alleged drug rings can span across the country and also take a very long time to complete. One recent drug investigation led to the arrest on drug crimes of a number of individuals in Indiana. The investigation was called "Operation Family Ties," and it went on for a period of a year.

It began as informants tipped off police, as did calls from inside a jail. The police kept track of the communications of the man they dubbed the leader of the drug ring. Police put a GPS on his vehicles to keep track of his movements in addition to tracking his phone calls. He and 10 others now face federal drug crimes.

Indiana football team owner Jim Irsay arrested for drunk driving

A traffic stop can easily lead to a situation where charges are filed and someone needs to defend against those charges. Certain situations can also lead to felony charges, which can have a long-term effect on someone's life. In Indiana recently, Jim Irsay, the owner of the Indianapolis Colts football team, found himself facing felony charges, including one for drunk driving.

The incident happened as police observed Jim Irsay driving slowly down the road. He failed to use a turn signal also, leading to police eventually pulling him over. They report that the Colts owner then failed a number of field sobriety tests. It is unclear what tests had been given.

Indiana officers file drug crimes when serving warrant

Whenever police show up at a residence for any reason, the people inside could face charges for something completely unrelated if the police find evidence to support a formal charge. Indiana police were recently in a situation where they arrived at a residence for one reason and ended up investigating another issue. People within the home they visited now face charges related to alleged drug crimes.

The police went to a home on a Wednesday night because they wanted to serve a warrant. They were there to arrest a 24-year-old man for a parole violation. Once there, they arrested the suspect they were looking for, but they also say they located two more individuals wanted for parole violations too. They were arrested as well.

Dozen face charges related to drug crimes in Indiana

Large scale drug arrests can result in many people facing charges. Some of those people may not even be entirely sure as to how they fit into the scope of the investigation. Simply associating with people who are under the microscope of authorities or who do not know they are being investigated can result in being charged or associated with drug crimes. A major drug sweep in Indiana recently has led to drug charges against 38 people, and there are still others who are being sought.

This particular police investigation focused on one area but resulted in the arrest of people from all over. It is currently the largest drug bust in the area's history. Warrants were issued for people in two different counties and two metropolitan areas, including Indianapolis. The investigation was launched during the summer.

Indiana police officer pleads guilty to drunk driving charge

Police are not typically in the news for any criminal charges that they are facing. However, police are human too and can be charged with a crime, just as anyone else can. Recently in Indiana, a police officer pleaded guilty to a drunk driving charge.

The police officer of 12 years was sentenced to a year in jail, with the time being suspended. He was also ordered to serve probation and given orders to enroll in alcohol treatment programs. The officer apparently took months to decide on a plea because of issues pertaining to the amount of jail time he might have to serve in relation to another DUI case he was involved in.

Philip Seymour Hoffman's death; 4 arrested for drug crimes

Recently, mourning fans attended a candlelight vigil for Philip Seymour Hoffman. According to authorities, the late actor died as the result of a drug overdose. There have been four arrests related to drug crimes that they believe may have contributed to Hoffman's death. In Indiana, drug-related arrests can result in serious charges.

As his death gained publicity, investigating authorities received a tip concerning Hoffman's presence at an apartment building where it is believed that he bought his heroin. Police acted quickly, and a search of two separate apartments resulted in bags of heroin numbering into the hundreds. Four arrests were made after the discovery.

Indiana woman facing drunk driving charges

An Indiana woman is facing drunk driving charges after an arrest in Johnson County. The driver was pulled over after a deputy patrolling the area noticed erratic driving and speeding. She was arrested for drunk driving after the traffic stop and after failing several sobriety tests.

After law enforcement pulled the woman over and walked over to the car, he noted that there was a strong odor of alcohol coming from the car. The officer also noted in the report that the driver was displaying signs of intoxicated behavior. When asked for her personal information, the driver supposedly gave the officer two different names and several birth dates.

Alleged sexual offenses taken seriously for Indiana teen

Indiana readers are likely well aware of the popular practice of "sexting" that has become mainstream among teenagers and young adults. Sexting occurs when sexually explicit material or language is sent between individuals via text or video message. Unfortunately, what many young people see as harmless fun could be considered criminal sexual offenses by the law.

Recently, an Indiana teenager has found himself in the midst of serious legal and educational trouble after purportedly intimidating teenage girls into sending him sexually explicit photographs of themselves. The 15-year-old high school student allegedly bullied the girls and threatened them in order to obtain sexually explicit pictures. He is also alleged to have threatened to circulate the one photo that had already been sent to him if more pictures were not provided.

Indiana man arrested for alleged drug crimes

A man is in prison on a $1 million bond after police intervened in an alleged domestic dispute, according to local law enforcement. Indiana police arrested the 55-year-old man after responding to a domestic call at his home. While there, they say they found evidence the man was in possession of illegal narcotics, leading them to arrest him not only for the domestic dispute but also for drug crimes.

According to police records, officers responded to the call on Dec. 20, which led to a standoff with the man in question. Apparently the man attacked a pregnant woman with a vacuum cleaner before firing a shotgun of unknown make at her a total of four times. The man also allegedly threatened officers on the scene with the weapon before surrendering it.

A bad reputation is not enough for a theft conviction

While many people facing criminal charges in Fort Wayne are appearing in court for the first time, there are some people who are repeat offenders. Although police and prosecutors will malign someone who has a criminal record, they cannot bank on a prior criminal record as being proof enough that the individual has committed a second crime. Every person, whether it is someone who has never done anything wrong before or someone who has spent most of his or her adult life in jail, deserves to have a fair and impartial trial. They also deserve to be innocent until proven guilty.

It will be important to remember that when an 83-year-old appears in court later this month on theft and burglary charges. Although she may look like a sweet, old lady, she has had a long history of stealing jewelry across the United States and across the world. Yet, just because she has done it in the past doesn't mean that she stole what police are saying she stole.

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