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Even if you carry a handgun legally, laws still govern the possession, use and operation of the weapon. Permit or no permit, you may be charged with a serious gun crime. At Arnold Terrill, P.C., we provide comprehensive representation for our clients facing serious, weapons-related offenses.

The Need For Skilled Legal Representation When You Are Facing Gun Charges

If you or a loved one has been charged with a weapons violation, you need an attorney who combines extensive experience with a comprehensive knowledge of Indiana gun laws. The attorneys at Arnold Terrill, P.C., have represented Fort Wayne-area residents charged with gun crimes that include:

  • Carrying or possessing a handgun without a license
  • Prohibited sales or transfer of handgun ownership
  • Providing false information or evidence
  • Removing or altering identification marks
  • Possession of a firearm on school grounds
  • Possession of a handgun at an airport or on an airplane
  • Possession of a firearm by someone with a prior conviction or a violent felon
  • Delivery of a handgun to an intoxicated person
  • Pointing a firearm at another person, whether loaded or unloaded

Our gun charge attorneys combine more than 50 years of experience in defending Indiana residents charged with gun crimes and fight for the best outcome on their behalf.

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