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Indiana police officer faces drunk driving charge

Indiana police officer faces drunk driving charge

Police have a duty and obligation to uphold the law and protect and serve also. Sometimes, that may mean a police officer is forced to arrest another police officer. When a police officer is facing a criminal charge, they are held to the same standards as anyone else, but the charge can also impact their job and career potential. Recently, an Indiana police officer found himself under arrest and charged with drunk driving.

Reportedly, the officer was observed driving across the center line and erratically on a Sunday night. Another officer saw the behavior and pulled him over. The driver was then given a breath test. It is reported that the test results showed that the officer to be twice the legal limit for alcohol blood content.

The officer was then said to have shown the arresting officer his badge. The officer was charged with drunk driving. As far as his job is concerned, he is reported to be on administrative duty for the time being.

Just like anyone else facing charges of drunk driving in Indiana, the officer could be subject to high fines, probation and even jail time. A drunk driving charge can also lead to the loss of a driver’s license and/or enrollment in an alcohol rehabilitation program. The consequences can impact a person’s ability to continue with a job, especially if that job requires a driver’s license. Nevertheless, the presumption of innocence protects every accused individual unless and until prosecutors are actually able to prove the accusations beyond a reasonable doubt in an Indiana criminal courtroom. Because of what all may be at stake, anyone charged with drunk driving will want to understand their rights and also learn what kind of defense strategy may work in their favor.


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