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Most of us spend a good percentage of our day traveling in our cars or trucks. With police and state troopers patrolling our streets and highways, that travel time is probably the most likely time that the average person encounters law enforcement each day. This means that we face our greatest risk of arrest or being cited for a traffic violation when we are on the road. Whether on a toll road, interstate or country road, many people have their first encounter with a law enforcement officer during a traffic stop.

Common issues that people need defense against include:

  • OWI/DUI — Drunk driving is one of the most common crimes associated with motor vehicles. The penalties can be harsh. Those accused of drunk driving need to put forward their best defense.
  • Drug possession in a motor vehicle — A traffic stop can all too easily become a drug possession charge depending with whom you are driving or who left narcotics in your vehicle. An aggressive defense can help you protect your rights.
  • Firearm possession in a motor vehicle — Carrying a handgun in a motor vehicle without a permit is a crime. We can help you defend yourself against such charges.
  • Driving while license suspended/revoked — Many people find it too difficult to refrain from driving after losing their driving privileges. Getting caught behind the wheel after your driver's license has been suspended or revoked can lead to serious consequences.
  • Reckless driving — Excessive speed and other types of flagrant driving behaviors can lead to reckless driving charges. These are serious charges that you need to defend yourself against.
  • Traffic citations — Few people ever consider defending themselves against a traffic citation until it is too late and the points they have accumulated result in the loss of driving privileges. Fight those points now to avoid losing your driving privileges and keep your insurance costs down.

Car Crash Lawyers Fort Wayne, Indiana

At Arnold Terrill, P.C., our car-related crime attorneys have more than 50 years of combined experience defending the rights of our clients in Fort Wayne. We understand how often criminal charges involve traveling in a motor vehicle. We are skilled at providing the strong defense that people need against car-related crimes. We have a deep understanding of the relevant laws regarding search and seizure in a motor vehicle. We can aggressively question whether the police had probable cause to pull you over in the first place. We will strive to check all possible angles to build the defense you need.

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