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The attorneys at Arnold Terrill, P.C., have the training and experience to represent anyone under investigation or charged with an Internet offense. Internet crimes can include charges of child exploitation, child pornography, child pornography distribution, solicitation of a minor through the Internet and dissemination of obscene materials.

With the growth of the Internet, cellphone usage, social media and technology in general, law enforcement is paying increased attention to Internet crimes. Also included within that law enforcement focus are cybercrimes consisting of identity theft, credit card fraud and harassment through social media outlets such as Facebook or Instagram. This increased emphasis by law enforcement hasn't gone unnoticed by the attorneys at Arnold Terrill, P.C. We, too, are staying on top of this growing area of prosecution and encourage you to call us immediately to discuss your situation. Contact us to schedule a free initial consultation.

Vigorous Criminal Defense Against Internet Offense Charges

The Fort Wayne Internet crimes lawyers at Arnold Terrill, P.C., will vigorously defend anyone accused of an Internet offense. We will challenge the government's evidence and, if need be, hire our own expert witnesses to conduct a forensic investigation of the computer, cellphone or computer network. It is common for law enforcement to create fictional identities and hang out in cyberspace, such as chat rooms, and pose as underage teenagers eager to communicate with adults.

Indiana Internet Crime Penalties

Indiana Code 35-42-4-4 [Child Exploitation and Possession of Child Pornography] provides in part that anyone who knowingly or intentionally disseminates, produces, photographs, films, presents or creates a digitized image of any display of sexual conduct by a child under 18 years of age commits the offense of child exploitation, a Class C felony. The maximum penalty for a Class C felony is eight years in prison.

A person who knowingly or intentionally possesses a picture, drawing, photograph, video or digitized image that depicts or describes sexual conduct of an individual that person knows to be younger than 18 and that lacks serious literary, artistic, political or scientific value commits the offense of child pornography, a Class D felony. In Indiana, a Class D felony can be punished by up to three years in prison.

A person who is 18 years or older and who knowingly or intentionally solicits a child under 14 years of age or an individual the person believes to be a child under 14 years of age (i.e., an undercover officer posing on the Internet as a 13-year-old) through the use of a computer network to engage in sexual acts or fondling commits a Class C felony. If the solicitation is done in person or without the use of a computer the offense is a Class D felony! It is also illegal for a person who is 21 or older to solicit sexual activity with a person who is 14 or 15 years old or who the person believes is 14 or 15 years old. Pursuant to Indiana Code 35-42-4-6, the offense is a Class C felony if a computer network is used.

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Many Internet crimes carry severe penalties and can also require a person convicted of an Internet crime to register as a sex offender. The attorneys at Arnold Terrill, P.C., encourage you to contact us at our office with your questions. Also, please remember that all laws are subject to change and new laws about these types of crimes are enacted each year. The information above and throughout our website should be viewed with such understanding.

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