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Few crimes require the level of commitment that we provide more than homicide charges. Accusations alone damage your reputation. A conviction can impact your freedom. Our job is to get to the facts of the case and build a strong and compelling defense.

At Arnold Terrill, P.C., we know the stakes are high. Combined, our attorneys have more than 50 years of experience defending the rights of Indiana residents charged with the following types of homicide crimes:

  • Murder
  • Attempted murder
  • Manslaughter and involuntary manslaughter
  • Reckless homicide, including vehicular homicide

Countering The Resources And Aggressiveness Of Prosecutors

Intention is the dividing line between murder and involuntary manslaughter. Reckless acts such as driving drunk and causing a fatal accident may have been unintentional. However, the accused faces equally serious consequences.

Whether the accusation involves the intentional or unintentional commission of a crime, prosecutors are aggressive in their pursuit for homicide convictions. They employ vast resources at their disposal to put you away for life or on "death row."

Even if you are under investigation, you still need an Indiana trial lawyer at your side. We conduct in-depth investigations of our own, interview witnesses, conduct ballistics analyses, and review fingerprint evidence and autopsy reports. When needed, we also team with experts to gain insight into the alleged crime.

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