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Indiana Restraining Orders (Protection Orders)

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Being served with a restraining order, whether fairly or unfairly issued by a judge, creates chaos in anyone's life. Frustration and embarrassment set in when domestic violence, stalking, harassment or child abuse is alleged. The accused is forced out of their home before any hearing. Many are separated from their children until the legal matter is resolved.

If a criminal accusation that led to a restraining order resulted in a conviction, you will also be prohibited from possessing a firearm or ammunition.

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While you must abide by a judge's ruling, you can still fight it with the help of an experienced attorney. The moment you have been served is the moment you need legal representation. At the law firm of Arnold Terrill, P.C., in Fort Wayne, Indiana, we understand the stakes involved in a restraining order. We take a proactive and aggressive approach in defending you against the accusations you face.

You need that level of work ethic from an attorney committed to protecting your rights. To discuss your options, contact us for a free initial consultation. Call (888) 912-7220.

Restraining orders have been used to gain an advantage in child custody cases. A judge can order you to pay rent or house payments, child support, and spousal maintenance. The ruling can prevent you from meeting with your children.

Whether the contact was incidental or accidental and initiated by the alleged victim, you can still be charged with a crime. Judges see violating restraining orders as equal to defying their rulings. Significant fines and lengthy jail time can be the result.

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