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If you are facing embezzlement charges or charges of corrupt business influence, you need immediate help from an attorney experienced in this complex area of white collar criminal defense. You need a dedicated advocate who is proactive during investigations to avoid criminal charges or establish a strong defense if charges are filed.

Embezzlement involves the theft of money or property by someone who has legal access to an individual's or business' assets. The individual takes the money for their own gain and violates their position of trust. Company officers and employees, bank tellers, and even family members responsible for a relative's care can find themselves under investigation for or charged with embezzlement.

Please be aware that effective July 1, 2014, the Indiana Criminal Code is revised to include a new sentencing structure. Class A through D felonies are replaced with Levels 1 through 6 felonies.

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With advance notice of white collar criminal investigations, you need to take immediate action to give you and our law firm a head start. The consequences of embezzlement charges go beyond the criminal penalties, especially when you're dealing with unnecessary public scrutiny. Years of hard work to build a career and establish a reputation can come to a sudden end.

At Arnold Terrill, P.C., we provide skilled and experienced legal representation to protect your freedom and your future. We will explore all possible options whether you are under investigation or have been charged. Our attorneys have been successful in negotiating various alternatives, including, but not limited, to paying back the money, court fees, and other costs.

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