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AADP (Alcohol Abuse Deterrent Program) And Restoration Court

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OWI/DUI is a serious criminal charge that can bring a great deal of anxiety and fear to those who have been arrested. Important decisions must be made in the minutes and hours after being pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving. Without the necessary facts, many Indiana residents plead guilty, not understanding the complexity of the criminal charge or the consequences they face.

Following an arrest, you need to take charge of your defense. One telephone call to Arnold Terrill, P.C., provides you with the services of Fort Wayne DUI attorneys who can provide the information you need. Options and alternatives exist. A DUI arrest does not mean a conviction is automatic, nor does it equate to a jail sentence and other criminal consequences.

Alternatives That Allow Us To Pursue The Best Outcome For You

Individuals charged with a felony drunk driving offense in Allen Circuit Court might become eligible for specific programs. The Alcohol Abuse Deterrent Program (AADP) provides medical treatment intended to serve as an alcohol deterrent for residents of Fort Wayne and Allen County. The Restoration Court Program is a problem-solving court intended to take a holistic approach to treatment and deterrence. For those charged, but not yet convicted, court proceedings might be deferred for a set amount of time.

Those convicted of drunk driving can enter the program as a condition of probation. Regardless of misdemeanor or felony charges, driver's licenses can be suspended or ignition interlock devices could be required on motor vehicles.

Completing AADP or the Restoration Court Program could lead to a favorable resolution in the criminal case. Additionally, the treatment and progress obtained within the Restoration Court Program should serve graduates of the program long after the conclusion of the criminal case. Convicted felons have an alternative to further prosecution by entering and finishing the program.

The stakes are too high. The consequences are too severe. Let our Fort Wayne defense attorneys help you explore all the alternatives you have after a DUI arrest by calling us at (888) 912-7220.

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