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Restoration of Gun Rights LAWYER

Our attorneys at Arnold Terrill, P.C., fully support and advocate a liberal reading of the Second Amendment Right to Bear Arms. We vigorously defend individuals charged with firearms offenses.

As advocates, we are familiar with the laws and regulations that can impact your ability to possess various types of firearms.

Indiana’s “Red Flag”/”Jake Laird” Laws

All true gun enthusiasts understand the importance of the responsible ownership and use of firearms. We recognize that firearms in the hands of some individuals with untreated severe mental health issues can be dangerous. In some cases, it may be necessary for law enforcement to intervene.

As a result of these concerns, our Indiana legislature has enacted (and amended) its own version of the “Red Flag” laws (called the “Jake Laird” laws in Indiana) – found at Indiana Code 35-47-14 et al.

The concern among gun enthusiasts, however, is the danger presented for potential governmental overreach into one of our most sacred rights.

We here at Arnold Terrill, P.C., share that concern, and we seek to help individuals protect their rights.

If you, or someone you know, have had your firearms seized under this law, contact us, and we will discuss your options for seeking a restoration.

Domestic Violence and Possession Firearms

If you are convicted of a crime involving domestic violence – even if the actual charge is not domestic battery – your Second Amendment Right to Bear Arms can be taken away under both federal and state law. This should be a very important consideration for any person pleading guilty to a crime involving domestic violence.

If you are charged with a crime involving domestic violence, contact us, and not only will you receive high-quality representation, you will also get skilled help navigating this issue.

If you’ve had your rights removed under this statute, it’s possible to restore those rights. Contact Arnold Terrill, P.C., to see if you qualify for that restoration.

The Right to Carry a Handgun in Indiana

Indiana is not yet a “constitutional carry” state, so it is important to know what you must do to legally carry a handgun. If you don’t, you could be faced with an “A” misdemeanor (up to 365 days in jail) for a first offense, or a Level 5 felony (up to 6 years in prison) for a second offense.

Click here to start the application for a license to carry a handgun.

If you do not have a license, you may still be permitted to transport your handgun in your vehicle if it’s:

  • Unloaded,
  • Not readily accessible, and
  • Secured in a case

You can find that information and more at Indiana Code 35-47-2-1.

Restoration of Gun Rights

Has your Right to Bear Arms been terminated, or otherwise limited, due to a felony conviction, a conviction for domestic battery or a crime involving domestic violence, or being labeled a “dangerous person” under Indiana’s “Red Flag” laws? If so, you may be eligible to have those rights restored.

Indiana law allows for individuals in these situations to seek restoration under certain conditions. For instance, you may have the ability to expunge a prior conviction that prevents you from possessing a firearm.

If you cannot possess a firearm due to a conviction for domestic battery or other crime involving domestic violence, you may be able to seek to have that designation removed. See Indiana Code 35-47-4-7.

Guns in the Workplace

Do you feel that your employer has illegally restricted your right to bear arms? Are you an employer who wants to balance your employees’ gun rights with your right to maintain a safe and responsible work environment? We can help you navigate Indiana’s laws regarding guns in the workplace.

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