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Fort Wayne OWI With Drugs Lawyer

Facing Charges for DUI with Drugs?

If you were arrested for operating while intoxicated (OWI), and drugs were involved, you may face an enhanced set of penalties that may have some similarities to alcohol-related cases, but also have their own unique set of challenges. For example, if the driver was using marijuana, there is no legal limit of drugs in your system. One can be arrested for having any amount in their system.

For prosecutors, convincing a jury that someone was operating a vehicle while intoxicated with drugs is typically more straightforward. They would merely need a blood sample that tests positive to form a basis for conviction. This is one of the reasons why it is so crucial to retaining legal counsel at this time. At Arnold Terrill, P.C. our Fort Wayne DUI lawyers can examine the details surrounding your case and come up with a compelling defense intended to preserve your good name and reputation.

Penalties for Drug-Related OWI in Fort Wayne

These are the following penalties for OWI with drugs:

  • 1st offense: Class C misdemeanor, 5 to 60 days in jail, $500 fine, up to 180 hours of community service, 2-year license suspension
  • 2nd offense: Class D felony, 5 days in jail or up to 3 years in prison, $10, 000 fine, probation up to 2 years, and 1-year license suspension
  • 3rd offense: Class D felony, 10 days in jail or up to 3 years in prison, $10, 000 fine, 1-year license suspension, probation up to 2 years

Drug-Related OWI Defense Strategies in Fort Wayne

Marijuana is one example that we have examined, but often, penalties might depend on what type of drug is involved, as well. This poses some issues, however. For example, traces of marijuana can stay in the body for several weeks afterward. If the lab tests return showing that marijuana was in your system, the law still holds that you can be charged with operating while intoxicated.

With that being said, as your Fort Wayne OWI lawyers, we are prepared to investigate every detail in your case. You may have many questions about your situation. We can need to address those issues head-on, such as whether or not the officer had reasonable cause to stop you and subsequently arrest you, if your constitutional rights were violated, or if the proper procedures were enacted during your arrest.

With over 50 years of combined experience under our belts, Arnold Terrill, P.C. has the knowledge and the skill at hand to fight for you. Call us today to request your free appointment!

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