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Do Not Let A Theft Conviction Impair Your Ability To Secure Employment

We are all aware of the main consequences of a criminal conviction: prison, fines and other issues. What many may not focus on is the damage a criminal record can have on their lives, especially a crime of dishonesty such as theft. Employers are utilizing background checks as standard procedure for a growing number of positions. If an employer sees a conviction for theft on a person's background check, the chances of that person being hired become very small.

One way to fight risk of a felony criminal record is to pursue a reduction in charges. We are strong negotiators, and we know how to aggressively and persuasively pursue a reduction in the charges our clients are facing. Also, we can advise you whether the crime can be expunged.

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At Arnold Terrill, P.C., we bring together more than 50 years of combined experience protecting our clients' rights and futures. We know what is at stake for those who are facing theft charges, and we understand how to craft winning strategies that help our clients secure successful resolutions to their cases. Our goal is to provide our clients with the comprehensive representation that looks at the totality of their circumstances to understand what they need to succeed. Let us help you fight your theft charges.

Types of Theft Crimes

Common types of theft for which we offer criminal defense representation against include:

  • Employee fraud — Employees often have access to valuable goods or materials that someone could walk out with.
  • Shoplifting — Shoplifting is one of the most common theft charges. A skilled defense can help you avoid the embarrassment and other negative consequences of a shoplifting conviction.
  • Credit card fraud — Use of someone else's credit card can lead to serious penalties.
  • Check fraud — There are many forms of check fraud ranging from using a stolen check to check kiting. We know how to provide a strong defense against all check fraud charges.

Please be aware that effective July 1, 2014, the Indiana Criminal Code is revised to include a new sentencing structure. Class A through D felonies arereplaced with Levels 1 through 6 felonies.

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