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People rarely think about how valuable their driving privileges are until they are afraid they may have them taken away. The reality is that most of us would be hard pressed to take care of our many daily responsibilities without the ability to drive. From getting to work and taking children to the doctor and buying groceries to running other errands, a person's driving privileges is often a key element to accomplishing all of those incredibly important things. This is especially the case for those who may live beyond the reach of public transportation. Who wants to be that much of a burden on friends and family?

If you are facing the loss of your driving privileges to suspension or revocation or you are facing designation as a habitual traffic violator (HTV), you need to take action to ensure that your rights are protected. Having a skilled attorney to help you navigate the process can be the best step you can take toward protecting your driver's license

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At Arnold Terrill, P.C., we offer the committed and skilled defense of people's driving privileges that they need. We know the impact a suspended or revoked driver's license can have on people's lives, and we are dedicated to helping them fight to avoid those consequences. With more than 50 years of combined criminal defense experience, we know how to help our clients secure the best possible resolution to their cases.

Are You Facing Designation As A Habitual Traffic Violator (HTV)?

Drivers who commit multiple offenses in a 10-year period risk being designated as a habitual traffic violator (HTV). HTVs face five-year, 10-year and lifetime loss of driving privileges depending on the severity of the offenses they are found to have committed. If you are facing the possibility of being designated as an HTV, you need to build an aggressive and proactive defense of your driving privileges.

We offer our clients the experienced and skilled representation they need to deal with such issues as:

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