Drivers' License Points: What You Need To Know

In the past, points accumulation was not a major concern for drivers. The more common license problems came from operating while suspended (OWS) offenses; habitual traffic violator (HTV) classifications; findings of no insurance; operating while intoxicated (OWI) charges and convictions, and leaving the scene of the accident convictions.

New Laws, More Severe Penalties

However, the law was changed in July of 2013 and a new points system is in place. We have yet to see how points accumulation will affect drivers under the new law. However, the law is designed to create more severe penalties for drivers.

A Good Lawyer Can Make A Big Difference

No matter what the circumstance, it will always be important to contact a lawyer and to attempt to avoid traffic violations on your record. Traffic violations on your record can cause license suspensions, increased insurance rates and a host of other problems. If we cannot avoid the charges all together, we may be able to negotiate a deal for you to enroll in a deferral program to avoid a traffic ticket adjudication/conviction. Deferral programs work well in that they keep the ticket off your record thus avoiding suspensions, point accumulation and increased insurance rates.

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