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Arrested for an Underage OWI?
Arrested for an Underage OWI?

What Constitutes As Driving Under the Influence for Underage Drivers? Since underage drinkers cause a considerable amount of alcohol-related motor vehicle accidents and fatalities, the laws and consequences are more severe. A driver under 21 can be cited for a underage DUI ...

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Blog Posts in 2015

  • Indiana police officer charged with driving under the influence

    Certain actions on the road may catch the attention of police, such as weaving across the center line. If police pull someone over for such an action ...

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  • Several arrested for drug crimes in Indiana after investigation

    An investigation can take years to complete and charges can come about even if individuals involved in that investigation are facing other charges or ...

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  • Man faces robbery charges in Indiana after investigation

    A lengthy police investigation may put possible suspects on police radar and result in multiple charges against an individual. In Indiana, police had ...

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  • Speeding incident leads to driving under the influence arrest

    A speeding situation can lead to other criminal charges if officers on the scene suspect driving under influence has played a role in a traffic ...

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  • Drug trafficking ring in Indiana broken up by authorities

    In Indiana, authorities announced that they recently broke up a large scale drug trafficking ring. In fact, authorities dubbed the Indiana drug ...

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  • Police officer in Indiana convicted of drunk driving charge

    There are certain career fields where coming to work under the influence or getting a DUI charge while employed can have a negative impact, regardless ...

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  • Indiana traffic stop prompts suspicions of drug crimes

    Whenever police pull over a vehicle, the officers may find they have cause to search a vehicle or ask a driver to perform certain tasks. If a driver ...

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  • 2 nurse practitioners charged with drug crimes in Indiana

    When people think of drug crimes, they may automatically picture a whole host of illegal substances and someone off the street selling or trafficking ...

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  • Drunk driving arrest in Indiana impacts woman's cause

    Any kind of arrest can impact a person's reputation, particularly since arrest records are in the public domain. Recently in Indiana, a woman was ...

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