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Excessive Bail & Your Rights
Excessive Bail & Your Rights

If you have been arrested, the court will typically assign your bail amount based on the reason for your arrest. When your bail is posted, you will be free to leave jail until your court date. Many people use bail bond companies to provide bail for their arrested loved ones, ...

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Blog Posts in 2017

  • How Long Does a Juvenile Crime Stay On Your Record?

    Young people can be impulsive and make decisions that will affect them for years to come. The Juvenile Justice System realizes that teens are more ...

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  • What Is Considered Unlawful Search & Seizure?

    Law enforcement doesn’t have carte blanche to solve crimes. The justice system has specific rules in place to prevent the harassment and conviction of ...

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  • Can a Minor Be Charged with a Felony?

    Like many states, Indiana focuses on rehabilitation and counseling when concerning youthful offenders. In cases with delinquent behavior, courts tend ...

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  • Prescription OWIs

    Indiana’s laws regarding operating a vehicle while intoxicated (OWI) cover more than just driving under the influence of alcohol. They also prohibit ...

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  • 3 Common Defenses to Charges of Domestic Violence

    In the state of Indiana, domestic abuse is regarded as when a person attacks a loved one or intentionally touching a spouse, partner, or co-parent in ...

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  • How to Remove a Restraining Order

    A restraining order, also called a protective order, is usually granted by a judge when the person who asks for it fears the restrained party. A judge ...

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  • Types of Restraining Orders

    What is a Restraining Order? A restraining order, also called a protection order, is a paper signed by a judge that orders a respondent (retrained ...

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  • How Do I Apply for a Hardship License in Indiana?

    What is a Hardship License? In Indiana, it is possible that your driver’s license will be suspended if you are convicted of an OWI charge. You may be ...

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  • Age of Consent in Indiana

    Age of Consent in Indiana In Indiana, the age of consent is 16 years old. Indiana law allows those the age of 16 to make there own decisions about ...

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