Indiana man arrested for alleged drug crimes

A man is in prison on a $1 million bond after police intervened in an alleged domestic dispute, according to local law enforcement. Indiana police arrested the 55-year-old man after responding to a domestic call at his home. While there, they say they found evidence the man was in possession of illegal narcotics, leading them to arrest him not only for the domestic dispute but also for drug crimes.

According to police records, officers responded to the call on Dec. 20, which led to a standoff with the man in question. Apparently the man attacked a pregnant woman with a vacuum cleaner before firing a shotgun of unknown make at her a total of four times. The man also allegedly threatened officers on the scene with the weapon before surrendering it.

It is unclear how this incident played out in specific terms, or what prompted the officers to enter the man's home. It is also unclear how they made the determination that the man had drugs, which police tentatively identified as methamphetamine, in his house. It is assumed that more information will become available if and when this case goes to trial. Currently, no trial date has been set.

Too few details about this case are clear to make an accurate assessment as to the outcome of a criminal trial. Indiana prosecutors will have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that police had good reason to enter the man's home without a warrant and that the alleged drug crimes actually took place. The defense may benefit from careful scrutiny of the arrest record to ensure police observed the man's rights throughout the process.