Don't get charged with drunk driving this Halloween

A woman in Indiana is facing several criminal charges after getting into a car accident this past weekend. The woman was arrested after getting into a car accident involving two other vehicles. Police said the woman was drunk and crashed into a truck, which then rear-ended another vehicle.

After the accident, police said the woman tried to leave the scene. Police detained the woman and tested her blood alcohol content level. Police said her BAC was .39, which more than five times higher than the legal limit in Indiana.

The woman was arrested and charged with a felony count of operating a vehicle while intoxicated. She was also charged with misdemeanors for driving with a suspended driver's license, aggressive driving and operating while endangering. The woman could face serious penalties if she is convicted of these charges, including jail time, fines and loss of driving privileges.

This case is an example of the criminal charges individuals can face if they are arrested for drunk driving. Many individuals face OWI or DUI charges after police pull them over and ask them to take a breathalyzer test. If a driver has a BAC level that is over Indiana's legal limit, he or she can end up facing drunk driving charges.

Drunk driving convictions can have devastating consequences for many individuals. Having an OWI on your record can be harmful for future employment opportunities, not to mention your current job in some cases. A conviction can also result suspension or revocation of driving privileges.

With Halloween tomorrow, drivers in Indiana should be aware of extra police patrols looking for drunk drivers. The additional enforcement efforts will most likely result in more drunk driving arrests in the state so drivers should take steps now to plan for a sober ride to avoid being charged with OWI this Halloween.