Indiana authorities accuse a number of drug crimes

Whenever there is a drug sweep that results in charges being filed against a number of people, further investigation may lead the authorities to file additional charges. In Indiana recently, well over a dozen people were arrested regarding allegations of drug crimes in Elkhart and St. Joseph counties. Subsequently, the authorities then filed more charges against a number of those people.

Twenty people were arrested initially.They were charged with selling a type of synthetic marijuana at a number of gas stations in both Indiana counties. Thereafter, eight of the people who were originally charged were accused of additional crimes in St. Joseph County.

The authorities report that a search warrant produced some more evidence to warrant those additional charges. Allegedly, packets of the drugs were located in a total of five stores in one county. The number totaled close to 1,000. It was reported that the synthetic drugs were located in storage areas and also behind the counters in the stores that were searched.

When it comes to drug crimes in Indiana, the type and amount of drugs play a significant role in the type of possible penalties that the accused individuals may face. If there are any past drug convictions for any of those charged with drug crimes in this case, they may face stiffer penalties in Indiana if the case actually results in a conviction. Fortunately, a criminal charge is not the equivalent of a conviction, and prosecutors will first have to prove their case in court and according to the strict requirements of our justice system. Anything less than that cannot result in a criminal conviction.