Juvenile DUI cases in Indiana need to be taken seriously

Getting pulled over and arrested for drunk driving can be stressful, frightening and confusing. Anyone in Indiana who is facing a DUI needs to understand the law and possible consequences. This is particularly true of anyone who is a juvenile who is also facing a DUI charge.

The blood alcohol content (BAC) that can lead to a DUI charge is vastly lower for juveniles than that for adults. An adult can have a BAC of .08 percent. However, if a person is under 21, a BAC of only .02 percent can lead to charges. One of the basic possible penalties a juvenile can face is the loss of a driver's license.

Juvenile crimes are handled differently in the criminal court system, but it is important to understand there are still very serious possible consequences that mirror those of an adult facing a DUI charge. One possible consequence may be an alcohol treatment or rehabilitation program. Also, a juvenile can actually face jail time for a DUI charge in Indiana.

Charges against a juvenile need to be addressed and defended by a legal representative who fully understands the difference between the adult criminal court system and the juvenile criminal court system. While anyone who is arrested and charged with a DUI in Indiana is wholly innocent until proved otherwise, anyone accused should immediately seek information about the laws governing his or her charge and learn about the consequences he or she may face if a charge leads to a criminal court proceeding. Our website provides current information regarding DUI consequences, including the consequences as they pertain to juveniles.