Penalties for a Fake ID in Indiana

Indiana has harsh penalties for underage drinking. While many individuals might think that they can circumvent the law by obtaining a fake ID, that will only make matters worse. A false ID is considered any type of identification that was forged or altered in order to establish a false identity. Whether you steal another person’s real ID and try to use it as your own or whether you make a fraudulent ID altogether, you are liable to be penalized.

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Penalties for Fake IDs and False Statements of Age

As a minor, if you lie about your age and even go on to present false evidence that you are not a minor, you could be prosecuted and penalized. Additionally, it is illegal to possess a fake ID and intend to use it, even if you haven’t used it yet.

Fake ID Laws in Indiana

You might be penalized with the following, and more:

  • A fine of up to $500
  • License suspension for up to 1 year

These penalties, especially license suspension, can greatly interfere with employment, education, and various social and family activities.

Fake ID Charges Related to Alcohol

Indiana law does not take lightly to minors under the age of 21 purchasing alcohol. While using a fake ID is something many people have tried to normalize in society, it is against the law. For example, if you are charged with using a fake ID to buy alcohol - it's possible that you could face a serious misdemeanor offense or more. 

Our Indiana attorneys at Arnold Terrill Ridenour, P.C. can help you defend yourself after being accused of falsifying an ID to purchase alcohol. The consequences of this offense can cause issues in various different areas of your life including daily transportation, jobs, living circumstances, loans, and more. Contact us for help if you've been charged with the use of a fake ID combined with the purchase of alcohol. 

Arnold Terrill Ridenour, P.C.: How We Can Help

Fortunately, if you have been charged with possession or use of a fake ID, you are not without means of defense. With a skilled Fort Wayne criminal defense attorney on your side, you can challenge your charges and uphold your rights. At Arnold Terrill Ridenour, P.C. we will investigate every aspect of your case in an attempt to reduce or even dismiss your charges altogether. No two cases are alike; you can be sure that we will devote personal attention to your circumstances and build a case that is customized to your situation. Backed by more than 50 years of collective experience, we are proud to have secured successful results for many of our clients.

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