Former Indiana trooper sentenced to prison after fatal DUI crash

Drunk driving charges can result in very serious penalties for those found guilty. A recent drunk driving conviction in Indiana highlights the consequences individuals can face.

The high-profile DUI case involving a former Indianapolis police officer has ended after a judge sentenced the man to 13 years in prison and three years of probation. The defendant was convicted of drunk driving that resulted in a fatal car accident a few years ago.

An Indiana jury previously found the defendant guilty of all nine counts he was facing, including the felony charge of DUI causing death. He could have been sentenced up to 29 years in prison but received 13 years in prison and three years of probation after the fatal crash. A part of the suspended three years includes a provision that the defendant will undergo drug and alcohol treatment and a psychological assessment.

The charges came after the former officer crashed into a group of motorcyclists back in 2010. The accident killed one person and seriously injured two other people. During the trial, prosecutors said he was intoxicated and driving recklessly. They said he was speeding over 70 miles per hour right before the accident happened. Prosecutors also cited the man's blood work after the crash that showed he had a 0.19 blood-alcohol content. The two blood samples were contested by the defense, who said the vials were not handled properly during the investigation.

This case has impacted several people's lives, including the victims of the crash, their families as well as the defendant and his family. Being charged with a DUI can result in very serious consequences, especially if a serious or fatal car accident happened. Individuals should be aware of the penalties they may face if they are convicted of a DUI in Indiana and take steps to protect their freedom.