Indiana man facing arson, murder charges for house fire

Arson investigations in Indiana can result in very serious criminal charges against those suspected of setting fires. Arson charges can easily turn into homicide charges if the fire causes any fatal injuries.

A recent arson case is an example of the serious charges individuals can face in Indiana. A man has been charged with three felonies for arson, arson resulting in injury and murder. The fire caused one death and one injury to the two people in the home at the time of the fire.

The defendant allegedly lived at the home with the other man injured in the fire. The man was babysitting a six-year-old girl at the time of the fire. The girl suffered third degree burns and smoke inhalation and later died due to her injuries.

Prosecutors said the defendant admitted to starting a fire in the house. Prosecutors also made another shocking allegation that the defendant knew the smoke detectors were not working and would not alert them to the fire.

If the man is convicted of the three felony charges, he could face serious penalties as well as carry the stigma associated with having criminal convictions on his record.

This case is an example of the serious criminal charges individuals can face if they are suspected of arson that results in serious injuries or death. Individuals arrested or charged with arson or murder should consult a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. An attorney can explain your rights to a trial, and what defense strategies may work in your case.