Drivers Licenses: The BMV Commissioner Resigns

Drivers Licenses. They are pretty important to us. They are more important to us than they are to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. The Commissioner of the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) has finally resigned according to a report in the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette. Is this good news for Indiana Drivers? It can't hurt.

During his reign, the BMV has been sued for overcharging drivers. And although the branches do seem to work better, there are other, more serious problems. They often require high risk insurance to be proven for reinstatement, even when not required by law. And we know from personal experience that they have a history of wrongfully suspending drivers.

And, it should be pointed out that it takes the BMV 7-10 days to reinstate our drivers licenses even after being ordered by a court to do so. Can YOU wait 7-10 days to follow a court order? Let's hope the new commissioner cares more about helping Indiana's drivers and less about creating barriers for us to overcome. Maybe the new person will remember who pays their salary.

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