Indiana man facing DUI after riding on moped

Driving under the influence can result in very serious charges and consequences for individuals convicted of DUIs in Indiana. DUIs can result in prison time, fines and your driver's license being suspected or even revoked. DUI convictions can also impact your job prospects or result in losing your job depending on your job duties and contract.

Being arrested for a DUI can result in serious consequences in an individual's life. Many people may only think they can be arrested for driving under the influence if they are driving a vehicle. However, individuals can face DUI charges for driving several different types of vehicles, including mopeds, bicycles and golf carts.

An Indiana man found this out the hard way. The man was arrested and charged with a DUI for allegedly riding a moped in southern Indiana. The Indiana State Police said they saw the man riding the moped through the streets in an unsafe manner. Police reported that the man was swerving and made an unsafe lane change, which led to the man's DUI arrest.

The police officer took the man's blood alcohol content level and reported that he had a .18 percent BAC. That is over the legal limit of .08 percent allowed in Indiana. After police obtained his BAC level, they charged the man with a DUI and took the man to jail. If the man is convicted of the DUI, he could face some hefty fines and penalties depending on any previous criminal convictions.

This case is an example of the criminal charges individuals can face when driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs in Indiana. There are many different types of evidence that can be used against a person arrested for DUI so it is best for individuals suspected of DUI to contact a criminal defense attorney to discuss their specific cases.