Indiana police officer arrested for drunk driving again

Any kind of arrest can have an impact on a person’s career. However, when a police officer is arrested and charged with a crime, the arrest may affect their career long before the case reaches any kind of resolution. A recent case of an Indiana police officer is making news after he was arrested for drunk drivingagain.

This current incident began on a Monday morning. The officer was in a police car at a drive-thru and turned on the lights and speakers when he saw friends in the establishment. A bystander called 911 to report the purportedly odd behavior. The officer reportedly admitted he had been drinking the night before and got hungry, so he went to the restaurant.

The police say he had a blood alcohol content level of .099 percent when arrested. The officer has been with the police force for 15 years. The officer in question was convicted of OWI last summer and was suspended from his job as a police officer. Now, there is word that this new arrest could result in termination of his job.

A drunk driving conviction can result in the loss of a driver’s license. Anyone who relies on a driver’s license for work may want to understand the potential ramifications a drunk driving charge can have on their career or ability to keep a job. With each subsequent conviction, the possible penalties for drunk driving in Indiana increase, including an increase in fines and possible jail time. Anyone in Indiana who is arrested may want to inquire as to possible defense options that both ensure the protection of their legal rights while focusing on achieving a satisfactory result.