Several arrested for drug crimes in Indiana

Whenever police think there is a reason to search a residence, a search warrant may be issued and may lead to charges being filed based on what is allegedly found during the search. In Indiana recently, a search warrant and what was allegedly found led to charges being filed against a number of people. There are eight people facing charges related to drug crimes as a result of the warrant.

Police went to the residence to serve a search warrant on a Wednesday night. Once there, they allegedly found a large cache of heroin, three pounds worth, along with some cocaine. They also seized cash that totaled $100,000. The drugs seized were valued to be worth $250,000, according to authorities.

The eight people arrested ranged in ages from 22 to 64 years old. They were also held on various amounts of bond. The eight have been referred to as major drug suppliers in the area.

Whenever a large group of people are charged with drug crimes together, each may face different charges and, therefore, a different set of possible penalties. Each person arrested should understand his or her rights as an individual even when he or she is allegedly connected to a group situation such as this. Drug charges in Indiana are taken very seriously and can impact a person’s job, family and finances. Anyone in Indiana who is facing charges related to drug crimes may want to understand sentencing guidelines and what to expect as the legal process moves forward. Accused individuals have certain legal protections under the law.