Philip Seymour Hoffman's death; 4 arrested for drug crimes

Recently, mourning fans attended a candlelight vigil for Philip Seymour Hoffman. According to authorities, the late actor died as the result of a drug overdose. There have been four arrests related to drug crimes that they believe may have contributed to Hoffman's death. In Indiana, drug-related arrests can result in serious charges.

As his death gained publicity, investigating authorities received a tip concerning Hoffman's presence at an apartment building where it is believed that he bought his heroin. Police acted quickly, and a search of two separate apartments resulted in bags of heroin numbering into the hundreds. Four arrests were made after the discovery.

Police are only pursuing charges against three of the four, citing a belief that the fourth was not involved with and did not have control over the drugs found in the apartment. The other three were charged with drug-related crimes -- two of them with misdemeanors. Facing the most serious of charges among the three, a jazz musician has been charged with the intent to sell heroin, which is a felony. Despite their charges and cash found in one of the apartments that totaled the amount that Hoffman withdrew shortly before his death, involvement in the actor's death has been denied by all three.

The manufacturing and distribution of illegal drugs is a serious issue plaguing both Indiana and the United States as a whole. Although the charges are serious, those arrested for drug crimes still have the right to a fair and just trial. While circumstances vary from case to case when facing drug-related charges, ensuring proper knowledge of all applicable state laws and details of the individual case can help a defendant form a comprehensive defense team that will work to serve in their best interest.