Indiana doctor pleaded guilty to drug crimes

Any kind of drug charges levied against a medical professional can have an impact on that professional’s ability to continue practicing medicine or any other job that requires they be trusted with controlled substances. Jail time alone can make it difficult for a medical profession to continue to work in medicine even after he or she is released. Recently, a doctor in Indiana pleaded guilty to drug charges. That doctor will now serve a few years in prison for the drug crimes to which he pleaded guilty.

Pharmacists in the area were the sources of concern, as they called authorities about prescriptions from the doctor. The doctor was found to be prescribing drugs after the Drug Enforcement Administration had suspended his license. The doctor was prescribing Dronabinol, Zutripro and Phenobarbitol.

He pleaded guilty to the charges and was sentenced to 10 years in prison. He will only have to serve two years of that sentence. The investigation apparently lasted for four years.

Whenever a person is facing charges for drug crimes in Indiana, there may be several options on the table for how to best deal with the charges or how those charges can impact everything from career goals, finances and even one's personal freedom. The ability to plea bargain may help a person garner less jail time or even probation in appropriate circumstances. Drug charges can be difficult to decipher and having all of the options and possibilities laid out by a knowledgeable professional may help a person charged decide the best course of action for his or her case. Each accused individual has the ability to challenge the accusations and put them to their proof, a decision that is typically made after assessing the strength of a particular case and determining the available alternatives.