Indiana middle school students face drug dealing offenses

Prescription drug use and dealing has become a leading problem across the country. While people may assume any kind of drug arrest involves an adult, there are drug arrests affecting juveniles also. A recent incident in Indiana has resulted in drug dealing offenses being charged against two middle school students.

The incident unfolded as a teacher observed a student behaving oddly and slurring his speech. Upon further investigation by the principal and a resource officer at the school, it was determined that the student was under the influence of drugs. The source was apparently prescription drugs, Xanax, that another student brought from home.

The 13-year-old who took the Xanax from home brought the pills to school to sell. Another student was also implicated as having dealt the pills to other students. There were approximately 20 pills involved and seven students who were part of the incident. Two eighth graders were charged with dealing and another student was charged with possession of drugs.

Whenever a juvenile is facing drug dealing offenses, there are different possible consequences as opposed to when an adult is facing a similar charge. Even though the possible penalties vary, these outcomes can still be life-altering for a juvenile. Any time a juvenile in Indiana is facing any kind of criminal charge related to drugs, he or she may benefit from having a guardian with a firm understanding of the charges and also an understanding of possible defense strategies to help that juvenile contend with the charges and pursue a favorable and fair resolution.