Husband faces drunk driving charge after Indiana accident

Whenever there is a passenger in a vehicle, it may be difficult to control the actions of said individual. However, if a passenger is injured or killed and the condition of a driver is believed to have played a role, that driver may face criminal charges related to what and how the incident occurred. Recently, an Indiana accident resulted in the death of a woman and the arrest of her husband for drunk driving charges.

The husband and wife were apparently arguing in their truck as the husband drove. At some point, the woman made the decision to try to jump from the moving vehicle. The vehicle was apparently moving slowly at the time she opened the door to jump. Regardless of the slow speed, she died from the incident as she ended up being run over by the back wheel.

Additionally, the husband was arrested for driving under the influence at the time of the accident. He posted bond in the amount of $2,500 and was able to leave jail. Police stated that they believe alcohol played a role in the incident. It is unclear what led investigators or police to believe the man was under the influence of alcohol or what kind of tests may have confirmed their suspicions.

The charge of drunk driving against the 26-year-old Indiana husband could lead to several possible criminal consequences. The fact that the wife died as a result of the accident could potentially lead to further charges or a harsher possible sentence. Anyone in Indiana who is arrested for drunk driving may benefit from understanding how certain circumstances can lead to higher fines, more jail time, longer time periods without a license or other increased possible penalties.