Investigation leads to charges of drug crimes against group

Investigations into alleged drug rings can span across the country and also take a very long time to complete. One recent drug investigation led to the arrest on drug crimes of a number of individuals in Indiana. The investigation was called "Operation Family Ties," and it went on for a period of a year.

It began as informants tipped off police, as did calls from inside a jail. The police kept track of the communications of the man they dubbed the leader of the drug ring. Police put a GPS on his vehicles to keep track of his movements in addition to tracking his phone calls. He and 10 others now face federal drug crimes.

Five houses were part of the search that came about from the investigation. Police allege that they found over 13 pounds of cocaine, guns, marijuana and vehicles that were confiscated. In addition to the group facing federal charges, dozens of other people were arrested for visiting a common nuisance.

When there is a large-scale round-up of so many individuals related to one alleged drug ring, it may be difficult to ascertain who may have played a role in what activities, along with who may be charged with what alleged crimes. The charges can range from federal drug crimes to the nuisance charge some face in this case. Anyone in Indiana who becomes embroiled in any kind of large-scale drug investigation may benefit from knowing what role the prosecution may contend they played and what their rights are under the law.