Indiana football team owner Jim Irsay arrested for drunk driving

A traffic stop can easily lead to a situation where charges are filed and someone needs to defend against those charges. Certain situations can also lead to felony charges, which can have a long-term effect on someone's life. In Indiana recently, Jim Irsay, the owner of the Indianapolis Colts football team, found himself facing felony charges, including one for drunk driving.

The incident happened as police observed Jim Irsay driving slowly down the road. He failed to use a turn signal also, leading to police eventually pulling him over. They report that the Colts owner then failed a number of field sobriety tests. It is unclear what tests had been given.

Police also report that they found a number of prescription pill bottles in the car. Irsay was charged with four felony counts. One included a charge of possession of a controlled substance. The team owner released a statement some time ago saying that he had gotten help for prescription pill dependency after surgeries. The Colts organization released a statement of support and said they will wait until formal charges are filed to say anything more on the matter.

Any kind of felony charge, including one for DUI, can impact a person's job, freedom and wallet. In Indiana, a felony drunk driving charge can lead to a variety of penalties. The Colts owner and anyone else arrested for DUI in Indiana should be aware of the possible penalties and also the possible defense options they may have to help garner a favorable outcome for their case.