Indiana officers file drug crimes when serving warrant

Whenever police show up at a residence for any reason, the people inside could face charges for something completely unrelated if the police find evidence to support a formal charge. Indiana police were recently in a situation where they arrived at a residence for one reason and ended up investigating another issue. People within the home they visited now face charges related to alleged drug crimes.

The police went to a home on a Wednesday night because they wanted to serve a warrant. They were there to arrest a 24-year-old man for a parole violation. Once there, they arrested the suspect they were looking for, but they also say they located two more individuals wanted for parole violations too. They were arrested as well.

While in the midst of taking a 22-year-old and 25-year-old into custody, police contend they saw drug paraphernalia in view in the house. Reportedly, they obtained a search warrant for the home. They arrested two more people and say they found a methamphetamine lab inside the home. They also claim that they found and seized drug paraphernalia.

Five people were arrested, and four of them face charges related to drug crimes. In Indiana, there are strict laws pertaining to search and seizure and search warrants in general. Anyone facing charges centered on drug crimes may want to be educated about what the police can do during a search and when a search is legal. This knowledge can help Indiana residents protect their rights and ensure that any resulting criminal proceedings are fair and impartial.