Dozen face charges related to drug crimes in Indiana

Large scale drug arrests can result in many people facing charges. Some of those people may not even be entirely sure as to how they fit into the scope of the investigation. Simply associating with people who are under the microscope of authorities or who do not know they are being investigated can result in being charged or associated with drug crimes. A major drug sweep in Indiana recently has led to drug charges against 38 people, and there are still others who are being sought.

This particular police investigation focused on one area but resulted in the arrest of people from all over. It is currently the largest drug bust in the area's history. Warrants were issued for people in two different counties and two metropolitan areas, including Indianapolis. The investigation was launched during the summer.

In the extensive round-up, police say they seized cocaine, heroin and meth. They also reportedly seized marijuana, prescription drugs and an undisclosed amount of money. Sixteen of those arrested face charges of trafficking drugs close to a school. There were also 10 arrested who were labeled as repeat offenders.

Whenever there is a move to arrest and charge such a large number of people for their alleged role in any drug crimes, it can become difficult to ascertain who was actually involved and on what scale. Each individual who was arrested in this Indiana round-up may benefit from knowing the specific charges they are facing along with what evidence is alleged to directly involve them. Knowing their rights and how they may be linked to any evidence may be the first step to devising a defense strategy and being prepared to face the coming criminal proceedings effectively.