24-year-old facing drug crimes in Indiana

A drug charge can lead to serious consequences and an extensive legal battle. When police make an arrest and charge someone with drug crimes, that person may face a wide range of possible penalties. In Indiana recently, a man was arrested on drug crimes after several encounters with police.

The 24-year-old is facing both dealing and possession charges. The police conducted what is called a controlled buy to confirm some suspicions that the man was allegedly dealing drugs. Twice they had someone purchase the drugs from the man. In this case, the person was a confidential informant. Then, they served a search warrant after the buys.

During the search warrant phase, police found what they alleged to be crack cocaine. They found the substance in a pillow case at the scene of the search. It was reported to be an amount of over 20 grams of the drug. The man was taken back to the police station, and this is where he reportedly admitted to dealing the drug, although it is unclear what made police suspect him of dealing drugs in the first place.

The man faces drug charges related to possession and dealing cocaine. When someone in Indiana faces drug crimes, there are many circumstances that can determine what kind of evidence may be used against that person. The act of controlled buys can be one form of evidence, and yet it can be a controversial practice and can be challenged in court. It is important for anyone arrested to understand the evidence alleged to exist against them and how evidence may be challenged in court.