Drunk driving charge affects Excise Officer's job

Anyone arrested for drunk driving or a similar offense may find the arrest can impact various aspects of their life, from finances, family and even their career. While anyone arrested for drunk driving is considered innocent until -- and only if -- proven guilty, the mere arrest can lead to a job suspension in certain fields. Recently an Indiana State Excise Officer found himself under arrest for drunk driving, and now he has been placed on administrative duty pending an investigation.

The 43-year-old man was pulled over after being observed by police. They said he turned without using his turn signal. They also said he then weaved across the lanes of the road. Reportedly, he was given a breath test, and the results apparently indicated he was above the legal limit.

The man was reported to have an alcohol content level of .156 percent. The legal limit in Indiana is .08. He was also driving his police vehicle at the time, even though he was off-duty at the time of the arrest. He faces charges of operating while intoxicated with a BAC of more than .15. The officer posted bond and was released.

A drunk driving charge in Indiana can lead to a number of possible consequences, depending on the details of the situation. When a person's career is affected, an arrest and a possible conviction can permanently alter that career path. Because of all that may be at skate, it is vital that anyone arrested for drunk driving understands how an arrest may affect them personally and professionally and what their options may be for fighting the charge and pursuing the most positive outcome possible.