Man getting arrested with drugs in his hand

Drug crimes can vary greatly in Indiana

Any kind of drug charge should be taken seriously. In Indiana, drug crimes can lead to very serious legal consequences. If charged with drug crimes, having an experienced legal professional in your corner can help ensure you know what to expect and what kind of options you may have.

What Was The Intention With The Drug?

For some, drug charges may be completely unwarranted. Some people find they are in the wrong place at the wrong time, and drug possession charges come about as a result. Others may find themselves facing drug charges as the result of addiction issues. Involvement or suspected involvement with a marijuana growing operation or the manufacture of drugs may also lead to the possibility of criminal drug charges.

Differences By Drug Type, Sentencing, and Long-Term Consequences

Drug crimes differ greatly depending on where you are in the state of Indiana. Although possession of drugs is prohibited throughout the state, the punishments vary based on the type and quantity of drug involved, as well as a person’s prior criminal history. Some violations can result in serious sentences ranging from fines and jail time, while other violations may be eligible for probation or other methods of alternative sentencing.

While Indiana aims to be tough on drug abuse and drug-related crimes, like all states, there are many degrees to how each crime is viewed and how punishments are assigned. But make no mistake; any conviction related to drugs--no matter how minor--can still have severe consequences involving your banking, educational opportunities, or even personal relationships.

Bottom line? It pays to know the law and work with an experienced attorney if you get caught up in a drug-related situation in Indiana.

What Are The Most Common Indiana Drug Charges?

In Indiana, the most common drug charges stem from the possession of marijuana and other illegal drugs such as cocaine, heroin, LSD, and methamphetamines. Additionally, drug manufacturing, trafficking and distribution charges are becoming increasingly prevalent throughout the state. Depending on the severity of the offense or if there is a history of prior offenses with similar charges, these offenses can range from minor misdemeanors resulting in fines to felonies resulting in lengthy prison sentences. It is important to note that Indiana has very strict laws in regards to drug abuse and possession, so it is highly advised to seek advice from a lawyer familiar with drug law who can ensure protection from harsh punishments.

Understanding The Indiana Drug Charges

It is important for anyone charged to understand exactly what the charges are and how they may have come about. This is often the best way to prepare a meaningful defense, especially because anyone charged is innocent until and un less proven otherwise in court. Knowing the source or cause of the charges may be just as vital as knowing your basic legal rights.

If you are facing charges for alleged drug crimes in Indiana, defense counsel can offer guidance and ongoing support throughout the proceedings. Going forward and facing charges alone can mean your rights could be violated or you could face harsh consequences for something you did not even do. Regardless of the nature of the charges or alleged drug crimes, the experience of our law firm can be a crucial asset. Our website offers more insight concerning the kind of criminal defense assistance we offer, particularly when it comes to drug crimes.