Officers in Indiana face battery charges after bar fight

Most charges of violent crimes come after police respond to and take control of a situation. Yet, there are times when police find themselves the ones charged with a crime and in need of legal assistance to deal with the situation they are facing. There was recently a situation in Indiana that resulted in two Indianapolis police officers being charged with battery.

The incident occurred as the off-duty officers were apparently in a bar having a drink. A 29-year-old man was said to be causing problems and refusing to leave the bar. The 40-year-old and 46-year-old officers confronted the man and showed him a badge, which the patron apparently didn't believe was real.

It is said then that one of the officers put the man in a chock hold for some period of time. The man lost consciousness at some point, and it is alleged that the officers hit him even after he was unconscious and then dragged him across a street on the pavement, causing injuries such as road rash. The man filed charges against the officers and also alleges that he was the victim of theft as he was missing money and sunglasses after the incident.

Both officers have been suspended from their job without pay and face charges of battery resulting in injury. In Indiana, a charge such this can affect one's freedom and criminal record and one's career as well. Anyone charged with battery in Indiana may benefit from understanding how a charge can potentially impact their job or career even before a case has been heard in criminal court.