2 nurse practitioners charged with drug crimes in Indiana

When people think of drug crimes, they may automatically picture a whole host of illegal substances and someone off the street selling or trafficking those drugs. However, anyone wrongfully obtaining or prescribing legal drugs may find themselves facing charges of drug crimes. A recent drug case making news in Indiana involves two nurse practitioners who are alleged to have been falsely prescribing weight lose medications.

One of the women is apparently the owner of a family health clinic. She allegedly called pharmacies and had her staff call pharmacies and place prescriptions using a doctor's credentials. That doctor did not work at the clinic. Well over , prescriptions were allegedly issued under that particular doctor's registration number in roughly a one year period of time. The pharmacies also made note of the high number of prescriptions for the weight loss drugs coming from the clinic.

Both women face a number of drug charges. They both face unlawful practice charges and conspiracy charges also. Both have also been accused of dealing controlled substances.

The wrongful prescribing of drugs or other drug crimes related to prescription drugs comes with the possibility of significant penalties. In this case, a conviction could result in prison terms and substantial fines, in addition to being barred from practicing as a nurse practitioner. In Indiana, however, anyone accused of drug charges is presumed innocent before the court. That presumption can only be overcome by proof that meets the stringent requirements of our criminal justice system. While it remains to be seen what the result of these proceedings will be, each individual must -- of necessity -- focus on the specifics of the charges and the preparation of a persuasive criminal defense.