Indiana traffic stop prompts suspicions of drug crimes

Whenever police pull over a vehicle, the officers may find they have cause to search a vehicle or ask a driver to perform certain tasks. If a driver refuses certain requests, an officer may then believe he or she has further cause to press charges that may be completely unrelated to the reason a driver was pulled over in the first place. Recently in Indiana, a man was pulled over for speeding and ended up being charged with drug crimes.

The incident occurred on a Sunday early in the evening when a police officer pulled the vehicle over for speeding. The officer reportedly smelled marijuana. That officer also believed the driver appeared to be impaired. The officer also reported the 25-year-old man didn't obey verbal commands during and after the vehicle was searched.

Police found a container with a substance that tested to be THC, an ingredient in Cannabis that gives the drug the mind-altering effects for which it is known. The man refused to be tested for intoxication. He was charged with possession of hashish and also resisting law enforcement. The man also has a past conviction for refusal.

In cases involving drug crimes, past convictions can play a role in the possible penalties should a conviction actually be obtained. In this Indiana case, the case could go to court and result in possible fines and other criminal consequences if prosecutors are able to prove their case. In some circumstances where police find substances in vehicles during a traffic stop, the legality of the stop and search may also play a key role if a case moves forward. Anyone arrested for drug crimes related to a traffic incident may benefit from securing legal help regarding search and seizure laws and possible defense options related to any pending charges.