Drug trafficking ring in Indiana broken up by authorities

In Indiana, authorities announced that they recently broke up a large scale drug trafficking ring. In fact, authorities dubbed the Indiana drug trafficking ring the largest they had seen in a long time, noting that it spanned more than one state. The investigation, which led to dozens of arrests, has been ongoing since 2013.

The drug investigation pinpointed a furniture store owner in Indianapolis who has been labeled the ringleader of the drug ring. The man is 46 years old. In total, the break-up of the ring resulted in 20 federal and 45 state arrests since the inception of the investigation. The drugs involved were reportedly transported from the southwest up to Indiana on a regular basis.

The authorities say that the arrest of the 46-year-old led investigators to more than 35 kilograms of heroin and cocaine. Authorities say they confiscated over two dozen guns and $4.5 million. A previous drug ring dismantled by authorities is said to have provided the latest names and details that led to this most recent drug ring bust.

Large scale drug trafficking ring arrests in Indiana may make it daunting for authorities to establish each individual role in the alleged criminal operation. One person may face possession charges while another may face trafficking charges, while yet another individual may simply have been in the wrong place at the wrong time. The amount of drugs confiscated and the manner in which those drugs, cash and any weapons were seized typically play a central role in how a criminal case may proceed. Defense counsel may help an accused individual to understand the substance of any charges filed and assist in assessing the viability of various defense options, including any motions to exclude evidence based upon illegal search and seizure claims.