Speeding incident leads to driving under the influence arrest

A speeding situation can lead to other criminal charges if officers on the scene suspect driving under influence has played a role in a traffic violation. Recently in Indiana, the police followed a man and pulled him over for speeding only to also arrest him on charges of driving under the influence. In Indiana, this charge is taken seriously and can lead to a wide range of possible penalties.

The incident began as police spotted a Mustang just after 1 a.m. According to the police officer involved, the car reached speeds of 100 miles per hour. The officer was able to pull the vehicle over at a red light.

Instead of issuing a traffic citation for speeding, the officer contends there was more to be investigated. The officer allegedly smelled alcohol. He also says the driver was unsteady and slurred his speech. When given a breath test, the results were recorded as the driver having a blood alcohol content of .15 percent. A blood test done showed a blood alcohol content level of .187 percent.

In this case, the man was taken to jail and bond was set. In a driving under the influence case such as this, the prosecution may rely on the breath test, blood test and reports of the field sobriety tests that were also given. Despite any purported evidence or record of blood alcohol level, anyone arrested for driving under the influence in Indiana should be aware that there may be legal ways in which evidence may be discounted or dismissed under certain situations, allowing for a more effective defense or a possible dismissal of charges altogether.