Man faces robbery charges in Indiana after investigation

A lengthy police investigation may put possible suspects on police radar and result in multiple charges against an individual. In Indiana, police had been monitoring an individual for some time before arresting the man. He now faces charges of robbery and is accused of being involved in two dozen robbery incidents across multiple towns in Indiana.

The 32-year-old was placed under arrest when an incident unfolded as police hqad the man under surveillance. The man was being watched by authorities as he was in an auto parts store. He was allegedly observed walking behind the counter of the establishment and stretching his arm out in a manner as to appear to have a weapon, then leaving the store.

Police arrested the man and have reason to believe he was involved in robberies throughout the state. They contend these incidents occurred in different Indiana cities dating back to Nov. 2013. The police did not state the exact nature of any evidence or why they initially began to monitor the individual.

Robbery is a very serious criminal charge in Indiana and can result in serious prison time and a felony record if a conviction is obtained. The reports indicate the man may face federal charges along with state charges. This could mean the stakes in this case may be even higher for the accused individual, who remains innocent before the court until and unless proven otherwise. Nevertheless, the man and his defense team must carefully assess the evidence prosecutors intend to present at trial in order to make an informed judgment about the best manner in which to proceed as these charges head to criminal court.