Several arrested for drug crimes in Indiana after investigation

An investigation can take years to complete and charges can come about even if individuals involved in that investigation are facing other charges or even serving time for other crimes. A recent multi-agency investigation has led to the arrest of seven people in Indiana for drug crimes. These people face a number of drug charges related to an investigation that has been on-going.

The investigation that led to the arrests lasted almost two years. The investigation involved officers buying drugs as they posed undercover. There were a number of agencies involved, including the county sheriff's department, state police, city police and also the prosecutor's office.

Those arrested ranged in ages from 23 years old to 40 years old. Some of the people arrested were already incarcerated for unrelated charges at the time they were implicated in the latest investigation. Those involved face charges of dealing heroin, with some of the implicated parties facing multiple dealing charges.

Drug crimes related to dealing drugs can result in serious criminal consequences, including jail time and a criminal record that can impact all areas of life. For those charged who are already in jail, any new convictions can lengthen the time those individuals may be incarcerated in Indiana. Regardless of the evidence gathered over a long term investigation or the amount of time authorities may have pursued evidence against certain individuals, each person charged with a specific crime has the right to know any purported evidence against him or her and what defense options may be available to refute those specific charges.