Designated Drivers: What are Your Duties?

Whether you love being a designated driver or you just drew the short end of the stick this time, there is a code among designated drivers that should be followed every time for a safe and fun experience for all. Not only are you saving your friends from an OWI, you’re also racking up a bunch of IOU points for future outings. It’s a win-win situation, especially if your friends agree to buy you dinner while you’re out! Start dropping hints now.

The Code

As a designated driver, what is your ultimate goal? To get all your friends home safely and make sure the experience goes smoothly for everyone. Keep that in mind through the night so you’re motivated to follow through on your promises.

Follow these tips for a fun evening out:

  1. Get the Keys: Make sure you have the keys before you head out and throughout the entire evening. This could save you from having to track them down and get them later.
  2. No Cheating: Sure you said you wouldn’t drink anything – but what about tasting a few drinks? Don’t let yourself sip anything with alcohol. A designated driver isn’t about who is the least drunk. Get a soda, water, tea, or even a mocktail!
  3. Have Fun: Nobody wants to be driven around by a buzzkill. Enjoy your time with your friends and don’t make the night all about having a pity party over being a designated driver. Everyone will have a better time and be more willing to return the favor at another time!

Are you always the designated driver? Consider making a pact with your group that you have to take turns with the responsibilities of driving around for the night. Make being a designated driver as attractive for the other person as possible by offering to buy them dinner, pay for gas, and pay for future drinks!

At the end of the night, if you or someone you know is still faced with an OWI, contact Arnold Terrill, P.C. for skilled legal help.