What Should I Do if My Driver's License is Suspended?

A person’s license can be suspended for numerous reasons, from failing to pay a ticket to a DUI or OWI arrest or conviction. If your license has been suspended, you might be able to obtain a “hardship license,” which Indiana statutes now refer to as “specialized driving privileges.” This is essentially a restricted license that provides an individual the ability to carry out certain necessary tasks, such as driving to and from work.

Specialized Driving Privileges in Indiana

To obtain specialized driving privileges, one must petition for them. This requires several things, including:

  • Signature and verification of the petitioning driver
  • The driver’s age, date of birth, and address
  • Reason why the driver is seeking specialized driving privileges
  • Filed in a circuit or superior court in the driver’s county of residence
  • Provide petition to the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles as well as the prosecuting attorney

This does not necessarily mean you will automatically be granted specialized driving privileges. Whether or not you obtain a hardship license rests on the discretion of a judge, who will base his or her decision on the specific facts of a case. Some of the most common reasons why individuals might petition for specialized driving privileges include needing transportation to go to work, or to attend court-ordered parenting time exchanges, though a request can also be broad, encompassing more than one need.

There are some suspended drivers, however, who are not eligible for this request, including:

  • Individuals who have never carried a valid Indiana driver’s license
  • Individuals who have a commercial driver’s license
  • Individuals who refused to submit to a chemical or breath test
  • Individuals who have been convicted for an offense involving the death of another individual caused by a motor vehicle
  • Individuals who previously received a specialized driving privileges and have more than 1 conviction for violating the terms of those privileges

If you have been granted specialized driving privileges, you must:

  • Provide and maintain proof of future financial responsibility insurance throughout the duration of specialized driving privileges
  • Carry a copy of the court order that states the granting of these specialized driving privileges
  • If requested by a police offer, produce a copy of the court order

These specialized driving privileges allow suspended drivers, who would otherwise be unable to go to work or carry out other necessary duties, back on the road. As such, if your license has been suspended, you should know you have options to help make life easier and reduce the stress of having a suspended license.

Fort Wayne License Suspension Attorneys

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